Drinks are not served on the property. Visitors may carry liquor and consume it on the property provided they consume it without disturbing the peace of other visitors and the environment.

Smoking is allowed in smoking zones.

Yes. Extra beds can be arranged with additional charges. Kindly inform your requirements of extra bedding at the time of booking for prompt service.

The usual check-in time is 11.30 AM and the check-out time is 9.30 AM. We usually like to go by those. But special arrangements can be made according to visitor’s requests.

Lunch is served between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM.

Dinner is served between 7:30 PM and 10:00 PM.

We serve authentic Maharashtrian food. A Thali consists of unlimited servings of 2 locally grown Subjis, Roti, Dal, Salad, Pakodas, Rice, and sweet. Non-vegetarian Thali is also available.

Yes. We do serve non-veg food at our restaurants. However, since we cook it fresh, visitors are requested to inform their food preferences at the time of booking.

We have a dormitory that can host up to 200 people. We give the space to schools, colleges, and camps for educational trips at reasonable per head rates. Kindly contact us to know more.

There’s a lot to do on a holiday here at Kamshet. It is a great place to paraglide, trek and camp, do star gazing or fireflies gazing. Apart from that, there are many places that tourists never wish to miss. Pawana Lake, Vadivale Lake, Sunset at Kondeshwar temple, Bedse Caves, Bhaje Waterfalls are some places we recommend our visitors to explore.

Apart from that, our properties have a lot to offer. We have a swimming pool, garden area, indoor games, agro-tourism, goat, cow, pig, and poultry farm, and a 150-acre plantation to roam around and explore. We have made arrangements for bullock cart rides and vehicles to take a ride on the property.